Your host - Peter and LorraineShaka - a beautiful black labradorour pets - Tigger and Tomcat

About Us

We were blessed to find this amazing property overlooking the village of Russell and the beautiful bay. This property was bought in 1971, when the first owners could pick and choose in the then relatively undeveloped Russell, and they certainly picked one of the best views and secluded properties. We bought the property in 2008, demolished (except for our section of the house) the original building and purpose built Bellrock Lodge. You will get the feel of South Africa (where we were born and raised) in our Black and Stinkwood furniture, our paintings reflect the different South African cultures, fauna/flora, landscapes and birds, we have incorporated New Zealand woods in our floors, doors and staircase. Other objects d'art, reflect our travels, the brass bell from Nepal at the front door (weighing 8kg – how I used to get away with that at the airports I have no idea) to the papyrus paintings from Egypt, wooden hand-carved mirror frames from Zanzibar and many other.

We share our home with Kevin, who came over from South Africa, and Shaka, a beautiful black labrador, born and bred in New Zealand.